Triple Glazing

Triple Glazing

Triple glazing is an advanced window solution that offers even higher levels of energy efficiency, sound insulation, and thermal performance compared to double glazing. It consists of three glass panes separated by two insulating air or gas-filled spaces. The additional glass pane and insulating layers create an extra barrier against heat transfer, reducing energy loss and improving insulation. This kind of glazing is particularly beneficial in colder climates or areas with high noise levels, as it provides enhanced thermal comfort and noise reduction.

Features of

Triple Glazing

Three Glass Panes

This kind of glazing consists of three glass panes that are stacked together. The extra pane of glass adds a layer of insulation, enhancing the overall thermal and acoustic performance of the window.

Insulating Layers

Between the glass panes, there are two insulating layers. These layers can be filled with air or inert gases like argon or krypton. The insulating layers create additional barriers that reduce heat transfer and improve insulation.

Enhanced Thermal Efficiency

The primary feature of triple glazing is its superior thermal efficiency. The multiple layers of glass and insulating materials significantly reduce heat loss, minimizing the amount of energy required to heat or cool a building. This helps to create a more comfortable indoor environment and reduces energy costs.

Condensation Control

Helps to minimize condensation formation on the interior surfaces of the windows. The multiple layers of glass and insulating materials reduce the temperature difference between the interior and exterior of the window, reducing the likelihood of condensation buildup. This helps to prevent mould growth and potential damage to the windows.


With its superior energy efficiency, triple glazing contributes to sustainable living by reducing overall energy consumption and promoting a greener environment. By minimizing the need for artificial heating and cooling, it helps to conserve natural resources and reduce the carbon footprint of buildings.

Triple Glazing

Window Styles

Vertical sliding sash windows

Vertical Sliding Sash

Vertical Sliding Sash windows meet high standards for aesthetics, performance, and security.

Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows afford versatility and a harmonious blend of modernity and light.

Aluminium Windows

Our aluminium windows feature ultra-slim frames designed to maximize natural light.

Window Styles

Sliding Sash

Window Styles

Flush Casement

Benefits of

Triple Glazing

Energy Efficiency

By minimizing heat loss and heat gain, triple glazing helps maintain a more stable indoor temperature throughout the year.

Thermal Efficiency

The extra glass pane and insulating layers significantly reduce heat loss through windows, minimizing energy consumption.


The additional layers of glass and insulating material in triple glazing provide excellent sound insulation properties.


The presence of an extra pane of glass in triple glazing enhances security. It adds an additional layer of protection.


By reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, triple-glazed units contribute to a more sustainable living environment.

UV Protection

The multiple glass panes and specialized coatings can help reduce the amount of UV radiation that enters a building.

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