Tatler and Nordhoff

Engineered with sleek profiles and expansive glass panes, Tatler and Nordhoff doors harness the power of natural light to illuminate and invigorate any room.

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Tatler and Nordhoff

Abundant Natural Light

The hallmark of Tatler & Nordhoff is its ability to harness the transformative power of natural light. The large glass panes, designed with precision, allow sunlight to permeate every nook and cranny of your interior. This means a reduction in the need for artificial lighting during daylight hours, not only saving on energy costs but also creating a healthier and more inviting living or working environment.

Versatile Configuration

The system’s adaptability shines through in its diverse configuration options. Whether you seek a two-thirds opening, a central sliding panel with two fixed ones, or any other arrangement to suit your space, Tatler & Nordhoff offers solutions that seamlessly integrate with your interior layout. This versatility is ideal for creating dynamic, multifunctional spaces where the transition between rooms is a breeze.


Supercraft Windows understands that every home or workspace is unique, and the Tatler and Nordhoff system reflects this by allowing homeowners in the UK to tailor configurations to their exact specifications. From the size of the panels to the choice between fixed and sliding options, you have the freedom to craft a setup that complements your individual preferences and space requirements.

Tatler and Nordhoff x Supercraft

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Hinged Door

The Internal Hinged Door is a sleek and versatile addition to modern interiors. Its minimalist aluminium frame combines style with ease of use through its hinged design, allowing seamless room-to-room access. Built with durability in mind, this door is equally suitable for residential and commercial applications.

Fixed Screens

The fixed screens, constructed from durable aluminium, are designed for suspension from a top track, facilitating effortless panel movement. Ideal for both residential and commercial spaces, it effectively partitions areas, offering acoustic insulation and enhancing interior aesthetics. Notably, this system excels in providing privacy by allowing natural light while acting as a noise barrier.

Sliding Door

The Tatler & Nordhoff Internal Sliding Door offers a cutting-edge solution for modern interior design. Its minimalist design promotes an uninterrupted flow between rooms, enhancing open living spaces while preserving privacy and noise control. Crafted with a lightweight yet durable aluminium frame, it caters to both residential and commercial needs.


Tatler and Nordhoff Specifications

Maximum Width 900mm
Minimum Width 400mm
Maximum Height 2200mm
Minimum Weight 60kg
Door Single or Double
Glazing 6mm, 8mm or 18mm
Colour Various powder coating colours available with a 25 year guarantee
Maximum Width 1200mm
Minimum Width 400mm
Maximum Height 2500mm
Minimum Weight 100kg (with ACINT 313 Rollers)
Door Single or Double
Glazing 6mm, 8mm or 18mm
Colour Various powder coating colours available with a 25 year guarantee
  • All of Supercraft’s services are guaranteed for a period of ten years on installation and product and are independently underwritten by an insurance company. You will feel assured that your purchase with us is secure and maintained as you require.
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Tatler & Nordhoff

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