Glass Roof

With cutting-edge technology and top-notch components, our Glass Roof ensures that your installation becomes a valuable investment. It represents a striking glass conservatory roof constructed with a focus on performance.

Why Choose

Supercraft’s Glass Roof

Excellent Thermal Efficiency

The Glass Roof conservatory system comes with thermally efficient top caps that ensure warmth and structural strength, even in unfavorable weather conditions. These top caps feature a honeycomb center that enhances structural stability, prevents heat loss through the bars, and minimizes condensation. Moreover, their chambered design enhances security as they cannot be removed, providing a safe choice for a glass conservatory roof.

Maintained Airflow

The Glass Roof conservatory roof comes equipped with standard trickle vents designed to maintain airflow within your space, preventing moisture accumulation and helping to control temperatures, especially on hot summer days. These vents can be found in the ridge of the Glass Roof but can also be installed at the eaves level if necessary. You can easily open or close them as needed. When in use, these vents allow warm, humid air to naturally escape outdoors, reducing the risk of condensation forming on warm surfaces.

Patented Speedlocks

The Glass Roof stands out thanks to its patented Speedlock system located at both ends of the curvature. The ease of assembly is a standout feature, as every component effortlessly clicks together. Moreover, each clip can be fine-tuned to accommodate minor variations in pitch, ensuring a tight and reliable fit for every glazing bar. This, in combination with the three layers of storm shield protection within the Speedlock hood, guarantees a secure, structurally robust, and entirely waterproof roof.

The Glass Roof

Whether you intend to incorporate this system into a conservatory, orangery, or house extension, this system enables you to realize your design objectives. It employs state-of-the-art materials and cutting-edge glazing technology to produce results that excel in both aesthetics and functionality.

Built to Last

Software calculates and engineers the Roof system to endure the harshest wind and snow loads specific to your location, ensuring resilience to environmental changes. The structural integrity is confirmed through extensive wind testing, with the Glass Roof being rigorously evaluated under conditions like winds of up to 130mph by Wintech.

Tested and Accredited

We are dedicated to ensuring all our products are tested and accredited. While the British Board of Agrement (BBA) grants approvals for the systems, we also ensure comprehensive in-house testing. This guarantees that you can confidently invest in your glass conservatory roof.


Glass Roof Specifications

This roofing choice comes with numerous industry-leading features as part of the standard package.

You can benefit from the following:

  • Designed to minimize condensation and regulate temperature more effectively than the closest competitor.
  • The most thermally efficient conservatory roof system available, resulting in reduced heating expenses.
  • Minimal mess and disturbance, ensuring consistent quality no matter who installs it.
  • Assurance that it can withstand even the harshest storms.
  • The option to select between uPVC or Aluminium materials.
  • A guaranteed absence of leaks.
  • Compatibility with any shape, size, or location.

The Glass Roof is compatible with the following building styles:

  • Georgian
  • Victorian
  • P-Shape
  • Lean-To
  • T-Shape
  • Gable

The glazing in your new conservatory roof will prevent excessive heat buildup in your room during hot periods and effectively retain warmth when it’s cold.

Customize your installation with a range of colour options.

Enhance the design and tailor both its look and functionality by selecting from the following choices:

  • Insulated perimeter pelmet
  • Highly insulated columns
  • Central lighting panel
  • Ornamental crestings and finials
  • A selection of four different cornices
  • The possibility of installing a roof vent within the panels of a classic roof system.
  • All of Supercraft’s services are guaranteed for a period of ten years on installation and product and are independently underwritten by an insurance company. You will feel assured that your purchase with us is secure and maintained as you require.

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