Front Door Accessories and Hardware

Front Door Accessories

Many people’s first concern when shopping for new door accessories and hardware is finding the perfect style and finish to complement their home. That is undeniably important, and for many, selecting the appearance of their new hardware is the most enjoyable part. With an extensive range of front door accessories and hardware options, you can add the finishing touches to your stylish, solid, and secure front door.

Our guide to door accessories and hardware is intended to help you understand what we mean when we refer to door hardware — whether you have a general understanding of what door accessories and hardware is or are a complete beginner with not the slightest idea.

Letter Plate

Front Door Accessories

Letter plates are used to cover up the hole of the letterbox on the outside of the front door, keeping it looking neat and tidy. Every standard letter plate features a hinged and sprung flap that pushes inwards. Front door letter plates come in a variety of colours and usually have an anti-snap flap — meeting Royal Mail standards. Burglars are less likely to obtain access to the cylinder internally when the letter plate is fixed securely and can only be removed from the inside of the house.

Lever Handles

One of the most common types of door hardware for residential homes is the lever. A door lever, as opposed to a door knob, is a straight or sometimes curved handle. Its shape often makes opening the door easier. A contemporary designer lever handle makes a statement with both traditional and modern front doors and will ensure curbside appeal. All lever handles are available in a variety of hardware colours that will complement most composite door styles, no matter which option you choose.

Lever Pads

Front Door Accessories

Depending on the lock and door type, lever pad handles cannot always be used in place of regular lever handles. The traditional lever pad handle is used for split spindle locks, where the bolts are engaged by raising the lever handle. This handle creates an impressively secure door because it prevents the door from being opened from the outside without a key. The lever pad handle is available in a full range of eye-catching colours.

Pull Handles

Pull Handles

Pull handles are very modern door handles that you can install on your front door. These are typically long and narrow door handles that allow you to simply pull open your front door after unlocking it. These handles are available in a variety of designs, allowing you to match the perfect design to your door. These handles have proven to be a popular option among homeowners with new builds and modern properties alike, as they are ideal for updating a traditional property and improving the curb appeal of your home.

Door Hinges

Front Door Accessories

Hinges are the hardware that connects a door to its frame and serves as the pivot point for opening and closing the door. They are an important part of the door structure, whether you are replacing an old door or installing a new one. The flag hinge is the most commonly used hinge and generally comes in different colours to match the colour of your door. Butt hinges employ a number of different bearings to reduce friction as the pin moves against the knuckle. This not only improves overall function but also reduces wear and tear for a longer lifespan.


Lever Knockers

Door knockers are door accessories or hardware that allow people standing outside of a house or building to notify people inside of their presence. For a more traditional look, choose an urn or bullring knocker, or a slimline architectural knocker for more modern doors. Some door knockers even have built-in spyholes for added peace of mind and come in a variety of hardware colours.

Door Security

Door Guard

A swing door guard provides an additional level of security between you and the unknown outside your door. Swing door guards, like door chain assemblies, allow you to open the door a little without giving up your sense of security.


Traditional numerals make lovely front door accessories and can add an elegant touch to any front door, combining function and form for the perfect addition to your home. Numerals come in different colours to match your door handle and letter plate. When choosing a numeral for your front door, opt for a long-lasting one that will not rust or discolour when exposed to the elements.

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