UltraSky Roof

Opt for the Ultrasky roof system if you desire a blend of contemporary design and the infusion of natural light, resulting in a stunning, warm, and glass-filled extension. The key to Ultrasky’s achievement lies in its robustness.

Why Choose

UltraSky Roof

Ideal for Bi-Fold Doors

This orangery roof design features a low glass-to-frame ratio, maximizing natural light and providing unobstructed views, seamlessly connecting the room to the outdoors — ideal for bi-fold doors. The robust frame used in our lantern roof, in conjunction with structural goalpost technology, reduces stress on doors and opens up additional design possibilities.

Decorative Features

The UltraSky system incorporates a decorative feature that not only conceals guttering and rafter ends but also enhances external aesthetics with attractive sightlines. Inside, an insulated ceiling pelmet offers both visual appeal and comfort.

Suitable for Orangeries or Extensions

The Ultrasky roof seamlessly blends the elegance of a traditional orangery with a modern aesthetic. It can easily accommodate bi-fold doors, infusing a contemporary flair into your design, while also enhancing natural light, ventilation, and accessibility. The Ultrasky system’s adaptable design allows it to cater to a wide range of homeowners seeking to expand their living space. Whether you’re looking to create a new living room, kitchen, or dining area, this market-leading product offers flexibility and choice for your project.

UltraSky Roof

Design an orangery or conservatory that meets your desired performance and aesthetic criteria while also enhancing your home’s market appeal.

Orangery Extension

Opt for a Contemporary Orangery for a fresh and modern design that incorporates sliding or bi-fold doors and full-height glazing, providing an open and spacious atmosphere. The perimeter ceiling enhances the room-like ambience, offering improved access, comfort, and a seamless connection to the outdoors.

The Right Enhancements

Maximize the potential of your UltraSky roof by integrating bi-fold doors, made possible by the concealed structural goalpost that ensures a sturdy and deflection-free setup. Enhance both aesthetics and performance by pairing super-insulated columns with a customizable decorative cornice, available in 1, 2, or 3 tiers and various bespoke colours.

UltraSky Roof


The UltraSky provides homeowners with a cutting-edge orangery roof solution, incorporating the latest technology.

Your installation will come complete with the following features as part of the standard package:

  • The most robust ridge available, resulting in fewer support bars and uninterrupted sightlines.
  • Customized manufacturing according to your design to minimize disruption during construction.
  • A choice between uPVC or aluminium finishes.
  • Diminished risk of condensation.
  • A guaranteed absence of leaks.

Select from the two design options below to finalize your choice:

1. Double-hipped with box gutter.
2. Georgian style.

Every lantern roof features high-performance glass that effectively controls solar heat gain while preventing heat from escaping. This outcome ensures a cosy and inviting room, ideal for both entertaining and unwinding on tranquil evenings.

Are you in search of a customized orangery roof solution? The Ultrasky is available in white or grey, and you have the option to select a custom colour that complements your chosen design scheme.

Craft a space that mirrors your personality and complements your home’s style by selecting from the following choices:

  • Insulated perimeter pelmet
  • Super-insulated columns
  • A choice of four cornices
  • All of Supercraft’s services are guaranteed for a period of ten years on installation and product and are independently underwritten by an insurance company. You will feel assured that your purchase with us is secure and maintained as you require.

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