Tiled Roof

If you are investing in a new conservatory or are looking to replace your conservatory roof, choosing a tiled roof from Supercraft Windows is the next step in making the most of your living space.

Why Choose

Supercraft’s Tiled Roof

Enhanced Thermal Efficiency

Solid roof systems provide superior insulation, ensuring your living space remains comfortable year-round. They help to regulate temperature, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling, which can lead to energy savings and lower utility bills.

Year-Round Use

With excellent insulation properties, a solid roof allows you to use your conservatory or extension throughout the seasons. It prevents overheating in summer and keeps the space warm in winter, increasing its usability.

Patented Speedlocks

The Glass Roof stands out thanks to its patented Speedlock system located at both ends of the curvature. The ease of assembly is a standout feature, as every component effortlessly clicks together. Moreover, each clip can be fine-tuned to accommodate minor variations in pitch, ensuring a tight and reliable fit for every glazing bar. This, in combination with the three layers of storm shield protection within the Speedlock hood, guarantees a secure, structurally robust, and entirely waterproof roof.

Low Maintenance

Solid roofs typically require minimal maintenance. They are durable and long-lasting, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

Tiled Roof

Tiled roof systems provide exceptional durability and insulation for your home.

Replacement Roof

Installing a new solid roof enhances the warmth and comfort of your home. The Livinroof system features robust slab insulation and composite panels positioned externally, ensuring excellent insulation. Additionally, the internal ceiling pelmet is filled with mineral wool insulation, providing added comfort and maintaining a cosy atmosphere during colder seasons.


The Livinroof has been thoughtfully designed to seamlessly integrate with all current window systems. This is particularly crucial if you’re considering replacing your existing conservatory roof and seek the assurance that your new replacement system will be compatible. Regardless of your current structure, our tiled roof systems can be effortlessly accommodated.


Tiled Roof Features

  • Energy efficiency
  • Thermal, structure and condensation tested
  • Achieves an insulator U-value of 0.18 (England and Wales) or 0.15 (Scotland)
  • Low roof pitches (15 degrees)
  • Local Authority Build Control (LABC) and Local Authority Building Society Scotland (LABSS) registered
  • Fully guaranteed
  • Patented
  • U-value as low as 0.15

Once you have chosen your perfect Solid roof design, Supercraft offer a variety of finishes to complete your conservatory.

All of these finishes can be found in our brochures and in our showroom found on our contact us page.

  • Tapco slate tiles
  • Sleek trims
  • Capping finishes
  • Roof windows
  • Optional down lights and Velux roof vents
  • Choice of external finish
  • All of Supercraft’s services are guaranteed for a period of ten years on installation and product and are independently underwritten by an insurance company. You will feel assured that your purchase with us is secure and maintained as you require.

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