P-Shaped Roof

The P-shaped roof design is a versatile and elegant design that combines the characteristics of two distinct conservatory styles, typically a Lean-To and a Victorian or Gable-Ended design. This unique and adaptable structure offers homeowners a generous amount of space and a visually appealing focal point in their homes.

Features of

The P-Shaped Roof

Lean-To Section

One segment of the conservatory typically takes the form of a Lean-To, known for its simplicity and single-pitched roof.

Victorian or Gable-Ended Section

The other part is often inspired by the Victorian or Gable-Ended design, featuring multi-faceted facets and a pitched roof.

Central Projection

The point at which the two sections meet creates a central projection, usually forming the shape of a “P.”

Benefits of

the P-Shaped Roof

P-shaped conservatory roofs offer several advantages:

Maximized Space

The combination of Lean-To and Victorian/Gable-Ended sections creates a spacious and adaptable interior.

Visual Appeal

The P-shaped design offers an attractive focal point for your home, adding architectural interest and an enhanced look.

Natural Light

The large glazed areas of the roof allow for an abundance of natural light to flood the interior, creating a bright atmosphere.


You can customize the design, from glazing options to roof materials, and features such as roof vents, decorative elements, or underfloor heating.

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