The Supercraft Cornice offers a remarkable transformation for the external appearance of your home extension, lending it a touch of traditional or modern elegance that’s bound to impress your neighbours.

What is a Cornice?

The decorative Cornice serves as a conservatory upgrade that effectively conceals unsightly guttering and rafter ends, bringing about a dramatic transformation in your roofline. This ensures that your conservatory roof creates a visually pleasing and harmonious impact.

Why Choose

Supercraft’s Cornice

Versatile Design

The Cornice is highly versatile, catering to various needs and styles. Regardless of the size, shape, or architectural character of your structure, you can select a Cornice that complements it, whether your preference leans towards a modern or traditional aesthetic.

Enhanced Aesthetics

This simple yet effective upgrade makes a significant visual impact by giving your conservatory a polished and tidy look. It conceals unsightly elements such as glazing bar end caps, guttering, brackets, and the exposed ends of glazed panels, creating a clean and seamless appearance.

Modern Elegance

For builds with right-angled corners, our flat Cornice option exudes a modern, sleek look. These can be tailored in different sizes to maintain proportionality with your conservatory, ensuring that they harmonize with both large and small structures.

Other Conservatory Roof Options

Our extensive range of roofing solutions perfectly complements the aesthetics of your conservatory cornice.

Solid Conservatory Roofs

Our innovative collection of solid conservatory roofs seamlessly pairs with our conservatory cornices, offering added privacy and superior thermal performance. The tiled conservatory roofing option stands as the lightest yet most robust roof available today. Meanwhile, the Livinroof provides a highly customizable solid roof, creating a bright and airy space.

Glass Conservatory Roof

A decorative cornice harmoniously complements a glass conservatory roof, enhancing your space with an abundance of natural light and an inviting atmosphere. The Ultrasky roof, resembling an orangery style, comes with a decorative cornice as standard, while the Glass Roof offers the option of fitting one as an elegant extra feature.


Cornice Features

  • Die-cast aluminium corner covers, coated with durable powder finish
  • Intended for 90° external corners and 135° facades (for curved designs)
  • Conceal guttering and rafter ends, radically enhancing your roofline
  • Retrofittable for added convenience
  • The cornice is offered in 4 standard colours.
  • You have the option to select from any RAL colour to match your preferences.
  • Our three flat decorative cornices are compatible with the Glass Roof, Livinroof, and Ultraroof systems.
  • The cornice is a standard feature on an Ultrasky roof.
  • The curved decorative Cornice is suitable for use with any of our roof systems, except for our Ultrasky Lantern, which does not require a cornice.
  • 1-tier flat cornice
  • 2-tier flat cornice
  • 3-tier flat cornice
  • Curved cornice

1, 2 and 3-tier can only be fitted at 90-degree corners and are not available on Ultraroof.

  • All of Supercraft’s services are guaranteed for a period of ten years on installation and product and are independently underwritten by an insurance company. You will feel assured that your purchase with us is secure and maintained as you require.

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